All students are expected to be on time to class when the class starts. That includes getting to school on time as well as getting to periods two through seven on time.

Tardy to school

If you arrive to school before 9:45 AM report directly to your class. If you arrive after 9:45 AM to school, report to the Front Office to pick up an admittance slip to class. The school will make a phone call home to inform the parent or guardian of the student's tardiness that day. Repeated tardiness will result in more severe consequences such as, detention, Tuesday school, P.A.S.S. or out of school suspension. Please be on time!

Tardy to class

There are four minutes between classes, so there is not a lot of time to socialize. Doing so generally results in being tardy to class. If you are tardy to class as a result of this you will be marked tardy unexcused in the attendance record. Being tardy three times can result in a discipline referral. Continued tardiness to class will result in more serious consequences. If your tardy is the result of a teacher, it is your responsibility to have them sign your planner for admittance into the class you will be tardy for.