Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program at Conway include the following:

Exploring Music: What comes to mind when you hear the word “music”?  Do you think about your favorite band or artist?  In this class, you’ll learn about how we hear music, how music affects our lives, essential elements of music like rhythm, pitch, and harmony, different musical genres, singing and your voice, various instruments, music composition, and the history and culture of music over the years.  Come learn and explore the elements and pieces of music which makes up parts of our world!

Guitar 1: Guitar 1 is intended for middle school beginners who are just beginning their guitar studies. The class is to introduce the fundamentals of music and guitar playing. The instruction will introduce a variety of musical styles as well as solo and ensemble repertoire.  Instruction will take into account students who have a variety of musical backgrounds.  Class is designed so that each student will progress from each student’s own level over the course of the year.  You may use your own acoustic guitar or check out one of the school’s guitars!  The class will be using the book “Essential Elements for Guitar”, Book 1 from Hal Leonard Publishing.  Supplemental material will be provided by the instructor and students’ internet.    

Guitar 2-3: Guitar 2-3 is a combined class of intermediate (2) and advanced (3) guitar students.  The class will guide students to further explore and expand upon acoustic guitar playing skill, tablature, and music reading skills introduced in the Guitar 1 class.  The class is primarily performance-based.  Class periods will be spent learning, applying and practicing the skills learned.  The class will be using “H.O.T. Hands-On Training” from Class Guitar Resources.  Supplemental material will be provided by the instructor and the students’ internet.  Students may use your own guitar or check out one of the school’s guitars!

Chorus 1: Beginning Chorus 1 is made up of students who have a beginning level of choir experience and are interested in learning about the voice and singing.  It is a yearlong class that will rehearse during the regular school day.  Students should expect to explore a variety of choral repertoire throughout the semester and perform both as an individual choir and occasionally with Chorus 2-3. This is a performance based class.  A strong emphasis will be placed on music reading using Kodaly Solfege, musical notation and elements, musical vocabulary, musical time periods, performance practices, and topics related to songs studied in class.  Our performances will be for our CMS community for December, MPA in March, and in the spring, our musical “Matilda”.  There are also enrichment activities which are optional including honor choirs as well as special performances such as singing the “Star Spangled Banner” for a NBA Magic game!

Chorus 2-3: Chorus 2-3 is made up of students who have previous choir experience, demonstrate strong musicianship skills, and are ready to perform music literature at an advanced level.  There is no audition required for this ensemble.  Students will explore singing through a variety of quality choral repertoire and gain a more in-depth appreciation for music.  This choir will rehearse primarily during the regular school day and may need after school rehearsal time for enrichment activities if a student elects to participate as well as is selected such as honor choirs, solo and ensemble, Magic performance and community performances for CMS.  This is a performance based class and grades will be included as part of the class grade.  Our performances will be for our CMS community for December, MPA in March, and in the spring, our musical “Matilda”.  As in Chorus 1, there is a strong emphasis on music readying using the Kodaly Solfege as well as the musical fundamentals in beginning and advanced music.

Jazz Band: Current jazz & concert band members need to sign up for jazz & concert bands. Students who play guitar/piano/bass will need to play for Ms. Rudzik before signing up for jazz band.

Band (7th & 8th grade): Learn to play an instrument – we have band for all ability levels from beginner to advance! You will learn everything you need to know in your Band Class, no experience necessary.

Art: Art is a class that explores many different materials and subject matter. Students will learn drawing, painting, collage, and clay techniques. A student’s best effort is expected and appreciated! Great artists only get better through practice!

Art – Advanced: This class is the advanced level art course. Students in this class will be building a cumulative portfolio of quality artwork and get a leg up for enrollment in advanced high school art courses. Students in this class will be expected to exhibit the artistic talents and focus on specific mediums. Students will use higher quality art materials and be expected to create original quality artwork. This class requires selection via an application process.