Dress Expectations


The dress expectations at Conway Middle School are based on enhancing the learning process and personal safety of our students. The guidelines for determining what is appropriate for school are based on simple premises and beliefs: a well dressed student not only behaves better, but is more likely to see better academic results as well. Proud and Positive Falcon students are highly encouraged to wear Conway uniform apparel at all times.

CMS dress expectation policy under the guidelines of the OCPS policy is listed below:

General Guidelines:

  • Clothing must cover all undergarments.
  • It is mandatory to keep pants at the waist; belts will be required in pants with belt loops if pants are loose fitting.
  • PE uniforms are only allowed to be worn during scheduled PE class time.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn on the face while in a classroom or in a building on campus during school hours.
  • Sweaters, jackets and/or sweatshirts must be worn as designed.
  • Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh in length.
  • Shirts may not be any longer than mid-thigh in length.

Clothing items NOT allowed include:

  • Backless shoes, flip-flops or Heelys.
  • 2 colored T-shirts worn at the same time unless the undershirt is white.
  • Tall T-shirts.
  • Clothing that is too tight, see-through, lacey or revealing of undergarments or body parts.
  • Shirts revealing the midriff or plunging neckline.
  • Pants worn below the waist (sagging pants).
  • Pajama pants or boxer shorts worn as outer clothing.
  • Hats, sweatshirt hoodies, caps, visors. Students may wear winter caps and winter gloves on cold days but must remove them when entering buildings/classrooms.
  • Clothing containing or promoting: smoking, alcohol, death, drugs, gambling, gangs, profanity, sexual connotations, provocative language/suggestions/gestures, violence, and/or racial slurs.
  • Clothing, hairstyles, jewelry or accessories with pointed, spiked or dangerous objects including chains.
  • Bandannas or other gang-related material/styles of dress.
  • Any clothing, hairstyles, or ornamentation deemed inappropriate by the administration.

Students failing to meet these dress code guidelines will be administered the appropriate consequence as described in the Orange County Public Schools and Conway Middle School Code of Student Conduct. Repeated violations may result in more severe consequences for insubordination and repeated misconduct.

The School Administration reserves the right to adjust or change any policy if an item is deemed inappropriate for the school environment.

The complete OCPS Dress Code as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct can be viewed by clicking here.

Conway Coordinated Apparel

Conway Middle School is proud and excited to continue with coordinated school ware again this year! We believe that students will perform more positively when wearing and taking PRIDE in their clothing. Students wearing coordinated logo shirts will be allowed to leave them UN-tucked and may receive random privileges throughout the school year when wearing CMS logo apparel. CMS logo shirts must be purchased solely through our school vendor, Cool Ways Productional Products, Inc. Shirts are available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and prices. Order forms and information are available in the guidance and grade level offices. You can also order online using the Coolways special CMS Order Page. Suggested pant colors for coordinated logo shirts are khaki, black and navy.

Cool Ways Productional Products, Inc.
4301 Farrell Road
Orlando, FL 32812