Media Center News

The Conway Media Center has been transformed into a modern center for students, teachers and community to come together for school activities. We took advantage of the the move to weed out our dated collection and this year we will focus on updating materials. We have 30 new computers for students and classes to use plus an area for speakers, demonstrations and trainings. 

  1. - Use this link to access our catalog of books from home and school. Also on this page you have links to Nettrekker, Encyclopedia Britannica, Teaching Books and eBooks. These are great sites for research, student tutorials and much more. All these sites are safe and available to all students at home and school.
  2. Books, books and more books - We are constantly updating our collection. Our students are readers and your support through book fairs and donations is greatly appreciated.
  3. Student responsibilities - Books may be check out for 2 weeks. Students may renew items. They are responsible for lost and damaged books. Students need their IDs at all times. Replacement IDs are $5. Students log on to the computers with their student number. Students are accountable for proper use of the computer and the equipment as outlined in Computer Use Agreement. Printing services are available for 10 cents per page. Students are responsible for everything they print.
  4. Media Center Hours - We open at 9:00AM every morning. We close at 4:00PM Monday, Thursday and Friday, on Wednesday, 3:00PM. The Media Center stays open until 5:30PM on Tuesday night.