Emergency Procedures

Conway prides itself in being a safe environment for all who are on our campus. Students practice a variety of procedures so they will be well prepared in case of an emergency. Some of the drills they practice are:

  • Fire/Evacuation Drill
  • Severe Weather Drill
  • Bus Evacuation Drill
  • Lock Down Drill
  • Bomb Threat Drill

Students may be required to exit the building to a designated area for an evacuation drill, get in a protected, duck and cover position for a severe weather drill, or be locked in a classroom if there is suspicious activity on or near campus. Orange County Schools work closely with our law enforcement agencies who alert schools when there is a possible dangerous situation in the school neighborhood.

Special note for parents: If there is a reported bomb threat on campus, talking on a cell phone could trigger a detonator. Please DO NOT CALL your child on their cell phone.

To view the entire OCPS manual for emergency procedures, click here.