Description of Elective Classes for 2016-2017

Fine Arts

Choir:   This class is open to anyone who enjoys music; no auditions or previous experience required.  Students will learn singing and performing skills, work as a “team” and have some fun singing a huge variety of music.  The choir sings at assemblies and community concerts throughout the year.

Guitar:  Guitar class is open to any beginning student.  The class will teach students to read music as well as reading guitar tablature.  An advanced class will be offered for students that have more experience playing the guitar.

Music Theatre:  Music Theatre class provides an opportunity for students to explore and master skills in creative dramatics.  Classroom activities include; pantomime, improvisation, characterization, role playing, original dialogue and play production.  Emphasis will be placed on a variety of in-class performances and presentation.  Students in music theatre may audition for our spring musical.

Jazz Band:  Current jazz & concert band members need to sign up for jazz & concert bands.  Students who play guitar/piano/bass will need to play for Mr. Nichols before signing up for jazz band.

Band (7th & 8th grade):  Learn to play an instrument – we have band for all ability levels from beginner to advance! You will learn everything you need to know in your Band Class, no experience necessary.

Orchestra 1:  Students who have little or no experience on violin, viola, cello, bass, or harp explore high quality music literature written or transcribed for string orchestra.  

Intro to Spanish:  The purpose of this course is to enable non-Spanish speaking students to begin to acquire proficiency in Spanish. Emphasis is placed on the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Spanish I & II (High School credit):  The purpose of this course is to enable non-Spanish speaking students to continue to acquire proficiency in Spanish. Emphasis is placed on the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  Students must have taken Intro to Spanish to take this class.

Art:  is a class that explores many different materials and subject matter.  Students will learn drawing, painting, collage, and clay techniques.  A student’s best effort is expected and appreciated!  Great artists only get better through practice!

Art – Advanced:  This class is the advanced level art course.  Students in this class will be building a cumulative portfolio of quality artwork and get a leg up for enrollment in advanced high school art courses.  Students in this class will be expected to exhibit the artistic talents and focus on specific mediums.  Students will use higher quality art materials and be expected to create original quality artwork.  This class requires selection via an application process.     

STEM Classes

Exploration of Game Design: This is a course at Conway Middle School following the STEM model (science, technology, engineering and math). Students will engage in the design process using web based game design software, and additional software for modeling and virtual reality. They will understand that video gaming applications are developed through real problem solving processes. They will learn how to develop basic simulation and interactive game interfaces that integrate video and audio media sources. There will be connections to related careers that will deepen student understanding of this fascinating industry as they study, apply, and innovate using new vocabulary, concepts and skills. The class is offered to seventh and eighth graders and will last for 18 weeks (offered each semester).

Design & Modeling (Project Lead the Way):  In this course, students apply the design process to solve problems and understand the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. Students in teams to design a playground and furniture, capturing research and ideas in their engineering notebooks. Using Autodesk® design software, students create a virtual image of their designs and produce a portfolio to showcase their innovative solutions. .  The class is offered to seventh and eighth graders and will last for 18 weeks (offered each semester).

Digital Information Technology (CTE Course and High School Credit):

In the Magic of Electrons (Project Lead the Way): In this course, emphasis is on hands-on projects to explore electricity, the behavior and parts of atoms, electrical and electronic circuits, and sensing devices.  Students learn knowledge and skills in basic circuitry design, solve problems, and examine the impact of electricity on the world around them.  The class is offered to sixth graders and will last for 18 weeks (offered each semester).

Science of Technology (Project Lead the Way): In this course, students study how science impacts the technology of yesterday, today, and the future. Students apply the concepts of physics, chemistry, and nanotechnology to STEM activities and projects.

Automation and Robotics (Project Lead the Way): In this course, students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.

Other Electives

Advanced Academics 6-8 (Gifted Studies):  This course is designed to enable gifted students to acquire and apply the skills and abilities needed to enhance academic achievement through experiences which provide enrichment, in-depth learning, and/or accelerated study of academic curriculum requirements.

Unique Skills Social and Emotional 6-8:  The purpose of this course is to enable students with disabilities to acquire and generalize skills related to self management and interpersonal relationships in educational, home, and community settings to achieve annual goals based on assessed needs and the student's IEP. 

Support Facilitation:  This is offered to ESE students based on assessed needs and the student's IEP.

Business Leadership Skills   “CEO Apprentice”:  How can you be the CEO of your life?   By developing strategies to achieve lifelong learning and career goals.  Don't have any goals?   We will take a look at all the options that are out there for you in the Business, Management, and Administration career cluster (accounting/finance, administrative support, digital publishing, entrepreneurship, international business, management, software applications, hospitality and more). Experience simulated activities to practice those skills that will get you where you want be. Participate in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Junior Achievement (JA) and The Stock Market Game.

Fundamentals of Finance “SHOW ME THE MONEY”:  Learn everything about money: how to make it, how to borrow it, how to save it and how to spend it! What you learn will empower you to achieve economic success. No matter what your grades are, you are smart enough to plan for your future and make smart academic and financial choices. Create a budget, play the stock market and interact with people that have been financially successful.

Yearbook (by Application): This class is devoted to creating all aspects of the yearbook; from cover design, to page layout to writing copy and captions to taking and selecting the perfect pictures. Class works under strict deadlines in order to produce a high quality yearbook that students will treasure as a livelong memory.

Digital Video Production (by Application): This class is devoted to creating and producing the daily announcements. Students will learn about broadcast terminology, creating scripts, capturing video, editing video, and how to use iMovie and Final Cut Express.