Social Studies

Conway Middle School offers both regular and advanced classes in the following Social Studies courses:

6th grade – World History:
World History is fun and exciting. You get to explore the world and see the wonders right from your student desk! There are plenty of fun activities and the focus is on understanding how culture and civilizations first emerged and how each civilization were similar but different at the same time. Set you sights on learning about Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, and Central and South America as well!

7th grade – Civics (Government and Politics)
Perhaps one of the most difficult classes on campus! Civics is the study of government and politics. Did you ever wonder what the President is actually allowed to do? Why do we have that pesky Electoral College? Why does Congress have to approve Supreme Court Justices? What really is Communism? Civics will go over all of this and more. Civics is also the only state tested subject in Social Studies during Middle School. 

8th grade – US History
Who are the founding fathers? Why did they declare independence? What happened to cause the Civil War? Was it really the deadliest war in US History? Learn all of this and more in US History! This class takes you through a time machine back to founding of our country, through the Revolutionary War, through the struggles to form a more perfect union, and into the battlefields of the US Civil War.